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5 Key Advantages of Upholstery CleaningOwning your own home or business is an exciting prospect. However, cleaning all items in your home can be a time-consuming task. With the right approach, you can bring new life to well-loved pieces of furniture.

Here at Rainbow Restoration in Warrington we are experts in cleaning, helping you to create a home worth living on. Our blog this month looks into 5 benefits of professional upholstery cleaning and how it can transform your life.

1.      Dramatically Improve Appearance

Cleaning Sofa

We tend to sit on sofas and chairs a lot while at home. Despite being a comfy retreat, they can easily become damaged over time. All of us have felt the pain of noticing a stain, scratch or scuff on our furniture.

Professional cleaners can help to remove stains with ease, bringing your furniture back to life. On top of this, regular upholstery cleaning makes sure that colours and patterns remain as bright as possible.

2.      Added Protection

Using a professional team to manage upholstery and fabric can help to protect it from damage. A cleaner knows exactly which products to use and which ones not to. Using the wrong chemicals can cause tears or blemishes, costing you money.

Dog Sat On Sofa

3.      No More Smells

Smells can be a huge problem, especially if you own pets. As fabric is a natural absorber, it is easy for an odour to become attached. Is there anything worse than walking into your home to be greeted with a musty, unpleasant smell?

Upholstery cleaning helps to eliminate unwanted smells. With a professional cleaner, you can have fresh and clean items in no time.

4.      Safe and Sound

According to the NHS, around 12 million people in the UK are allergic to their own home. Dust mites are often found within upholstery and furniture and can trigger allergic reactions. Cleaning these items helps to fight back against allergies.

Alongside this, viruses and other germs can pose risk. In fact, a study found that the average family sofa contains more germs than a toilet seat! Vacuuming and cleaning using quality products will help to eliminate any risks.

5.      Longer Lifespan

It may seem like an obvious point to make, but taking care of furniture will improve longevity. Removing dust, stains and repairing damage can help to keep your favourite sofa around that little bit longer.

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