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Leak Detection

Our team use industry leading infrared trace and access equipment to detect and repair any leaks in your property.


Commercial Cleaning

Our Warrington branch of Rainbow Restoration provides a wide range of commercial and industrial cleaning services.


Water Restoration

As a business or property owner, there is nothing worse than discovering escaped water. We will conduct the restoration efficiently and effectively.


Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleans in Warrington

Keeping your kitchen clean is crucial. Without adequate cleaning on a regular basis, you can risk the health and safety of your staff as well as those eating the food. Here at Rainbow Restoration we provide commercial kitchen deep cleans across our local area. Whether you live in Cheshire, Warrington, Culcheth, Runcorn or Altrincham, we will always be able to assist you.

Our service includes method statements, full risk assessments, free quotations and surveys, maintenance, and a cleaning programme.

For more details or to arrange for a visit to your site, call our team now in Cheshire on 01925 357 557.

We also provide…

Industrial and Commerical Cleaning

Importance of Deep Cleans

Without regular maintenance, it is easy for a kitchen space to become a serious risk. Our team is on hand to help you meet any insurance and legal obligations that you have as a business. Moreover, the commercial kitchen deep cleans we offer ensure that your customers are confident in you and keep coming back.

On top of this, we also help to prevent fire risks and make sure all environmental health is covered. We work across a wide area, including Warrington, Runcorn, Altrincham and Culcheth to provide the services you require.

Following Industry Standards

The HCVA Document, TR19 Part 7 sets out the industry standards when it comes to kitchen deep cleans.

  • Contamination levels that is allowed prior to a complete clean is required
  • Post-Clean Measurement
  • Recommendations of the frequency of cleans needed

This is required for canopies, filters, fans and ducting. Insurance companies now require that all kitchen systems are cleaned by an accredited and specialist company. Furthermore, if you do not comply, then you with being repudiated if you make a fire claim.

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For more details about commercial kitchen deep cleans in Warrington and the wider Cheshire area, give us a call today on 01925 357 557. Alternatively, you can fill in our contact form for more details.

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