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Leak Detection

Our team use industry leading infrared trace and access equipment to detect and repair any leaks in your property.


Commercial Cleaning

Our Warrington branch of Rainbow Restoration provides a wide range of commercial and industrial cleaning services.


Water Restoration

As a business or property owner, there is nothing worse than discovering escaped water. We will conduct the restoration efficiently and effectively.


Case Study: Co-Op Distribution Centre

With many years of experience in the industry, our team at Rainbow Restoration Warrington can deal with almost any task that is sent our way. Recently we were called out to a Co-Op Distribution Centre in the North West of England to help manage and repair damage caused due to a burst sprinkler water pipe.

As part of this work we carried our emergency restoration, ensuring the business was back up and running in no time. For more details about how we can help your company in Warrington or Cheshire, call us on 01925 357 557 or fill in our contact form.

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Flood Restoration

What Happened

Our team were called out to carry out emergency restoration and repair works at a Co-Op Distribution Centre. We were urgently instructed to attend after a sprinkler water pipe had burst in a 15,000 sq ft freezer. As the freezer was at an average temperature of -20c, this caused the water to freeze and cause serious problems.

A team of 6 attended within a 2 hour time frame to begin work on uplifting the ice and placing this safely outside to melt. Each member of our staff was wearing specialist boiler suits, ensuring they were safe to work inside the freezer at all times.

Overall it took our team at Rainbow Restoration Warrington a total of 4 days to resolve the emergency restoration and treatment. As a result of our work, we have successfully signed a contract becoming an emergency response team for our client Total Solutions (SEE Services).

Clearing Up After Water Damage

Regardless of what type of water damage occurs, it’s important to use a professionally trained team to help resolve the issue. In this case study our team attended an emergency and removed excess water and ice before it posed serious risks of damage to the company and their property.

In the past we have worked on several water damage restoration projects around Warrington and Cheshire, ensuring that all work is completed quickly and efficiently to reduce downtime.

Get in Touch in Cheshire

If you are based in Warrington, Chester or another area around Cheshire and need help, then please do not hesitate to contact our team today. Give us a call on 01925 357 557 or fill in our contact form.