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Leak Detection

Our team use industry leading infrared trace and access equipment to detect and repair any leaks in your property.


Commercial Cleaning

Our Warrington branch of Rainbow Restoration provides a wide range of commercial and industrial cleaning services.


Water Restoration

As a business or property owner, there is nothing worse than discovering escaped water. We will conduct the restoration efficiently and effectively.


Graffiti Removal in Warrington

As a common problem for any business, vandalism can impact on your business or property. Here at Rainbow Restoration we carry out graffiti removal for our clients, ensuring their buildings are in top condition. We cover Warrington and a number of other surrounding Cheshire areas, including Runcorn, Altrincham and Culcheth.

Furthermore, we are also committed members is ISS and SafeContractor, offering you the reassurance you need. If you would like to find out more, please feel free to call us today on 01925 357 557.

When the writing is on the wall, contact Rainbow Restoration.

We also provide…

Duct Cleaning

About Graffiti Removal

The process of removing graffiti is important as it helps to restore your building into its pre-incident condition. Most commonly graffiti will be found on unprotected surfaces such as brickwork and stonework.

To remove this, we use a number of different approaches including soda, water and ice blasting. Other approaches taken by the team include:

  • H&C Water Power Blasting
  • Jet Washing
  • High Access Blast Cleaning  

We use blast cleaning as it is a flexible, quick and effective way of removing unwanted vandalism. In particular, ice blasting leaves no residue, ensuring that no damage is left in the process of removal.

As a long standing problem for business owners, we will ensure that all vandalism is removed as quickly as possible. Furthermore, we can work at any time to ensure that as little downtime is caused for you.

Our Services

Alongside graffiti removal in Warrington, we can also provide a number of other services using jet washing and blast cleaning including:

  • Stone & Masonry
  • Grit Blasting
  • Building Facades
  • Driveways
  • Soda Blasting
  • Car Parks and other Public Areas
  • Ice Blasting
  • Soot Removal

Get in Touch

If you live in Warrington, Runcorn, Culcheth or Altrincham and need help with graffiti removal, please feel free to get in touch with us in Cheshire today. You can give Liam and Jason a call now on 01925 357 557 or fill in our contact form here with any questions you have.