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At Rainbow Restoration in Warrington, we work with clients across our local area to bring their spaces back to top condition. Whether there has been a flood or a damaging fire, we’re always on hand to help.

Recently we had the pleasure of helping Manchester based Cow Hold Ltd to clear their sewage back up. Our blog this month looks into our recent project and what we did.

What Happened?

The team at Cow Hold Ltd in Manchester called us to help them out. Unfortunately, there had been a back up of raw sewage which had contaminated their property. This meant that they needed a thorough, deep-clean of the stock room, ground floor shop, and any kitchen and office areas.

On top of this, there were around 1,000 items of clothing in boxes which had been damaged by the sewage back up.

Our team were called out at 7 pm on an urgent basis to help. We knew how serious this situation was and made sure we arrived as soon as possible. Once we were there, we carried out a complete site survey to see what needed to be done. After this, we spoke with the client and made recommendations for what work needed to be done.

What We Did

The next day we returned to start the process of the clear up. In total, this took us 3 days to finish and 4 technicians were involved in the project. Our first step was to safely remove and dispose of all contaminated boxes and clothing.

As soon as the space was clear, we then started to shovel up the larger sections of raw sewage. This was disposed of and further restoration work was carried out.

We then spent time uplifting and disposing of economical restoration floor coverings. Steam cleaning of all affected walls, floors and rails was completed, helping to bring the space back to pre-incident condition.

To help ensure a clean environment, antimicrobials were applied across the areas. This made sure anywhere where the sewage had been was fully sanitised. On top of this, bacterial swabs were taken before and after.

Dangers of Sewage

It isn’t uncommon for drainage systems to block up and cause raw sewage to damage a property. However, there are many dangers that come with this risk. It may seem obvious, but there is a lot of bacteria that can be carried into an area. From salmonella to E. coli and norovirus, there are many different things to consider.

If you are working to clean up sewage, it is important that all health and safety precautions are put into place. There is a risk of contamination via hand to mouth as well as through skin contact. When we attend a site, we ensure that all equipment is used correctly and that staff members are safe.

Find Out More

If you are having an issue with a backup of raw sewerage or need assistance with cleaning, please do not hesitate to contact us.